Gotham City by Lucas Compan

Photos by Lucas Compan - taken using an iPhone 3, iPhone 4, and an iPhone 5, between 2008 and 2014

iPhone photos ( 2007 - 2014 )
The Empire State of Mind 1
The Meatpacking District
At the Flatiron
Brooklyn Heights Promenade, after a storm
Long Island City Piers pano
Sunset at the UWS
Summer time at The Highline
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Park Avenue
Home sweet home
Coney Island boardwalk
Red by itself
Red got company now
- "Darling, let's go home now." 
- "No way! You suck....Taxi!"
Full moon in Gotham City
Sun rising at La Guardia
Healthy stuff to hit the city
Manhattan skyline
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Freezing at Columbus Circle
Freezing in Greenwich Village
Foggy York City - By Daniel Roberts
404 at Times Square
Run, buddy, run!
Sunset at the Long Island City Piers
Hudson River 
The Fountain at Bryant Park
Midtown Manhattan
The Little Red Lighthouse
Sunset, viewed from a Queesboro Plaza rooftop
The tail and the bridge
Full atmosphere
The Highline
Sun rising at Astoria Park
Normal people in Nuts York City
The wet empire
The Empire and The Sun
Queensboro Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Sunny Times Square
Yellow York City
A normal pigeon in Nuts York City
Union Square
The Meatpaking District
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Bus terminal at La Guardia
Liberty Science Center
Super city
The Freedom from Hoboken
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Bad Sandy
The sign in LIC Piers
The sun and the piers
Sunny Square
Spring has just began
The magic hand of the Universe
The rooftop at The Standard Hotel
Carl Schulz Park in the UES
Manhattan from Hoboken
Brighton Beach
Waiting for the train
The lady says hi to the sun
At the Stardand Hotel rooftop bar
Green life
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Midtown Manhattan
Colors York City
The Meatpaking District got an Italian accent
The Empire of the Sun
Sun York City
A Hollywood spot in Gotham
In Williamsburg all seems to be different
A bridge to Manhattan
Grand Central Station
Columbus Circle
Lower bathroom in Lower Manhattan
The Hudson
The Bridge
Jesus tweeting at Madison Avenue
Union Square
Brooklyn Bridge promenade
At The Met rooftop bar
Gotham scene
The Empire of the Sun II
This is so New York
The classic quote in Godfather
Amusement amusing Brigton Beach
Luxury reflections
There is a storm coming
Sticker on the ground
Gotham cabs
Yankee Stadium
The Met
Brooklyn Bridge B&W
Coney Island boardwalk
Magical sky on a Brooklyn rooftop
Normal people taking a tan in Nuts York City ( UWS )
The Metro Bike
The Empire of the Sun III
Normal sunglasses in Nuts York City
Natural light
Hudson waterfront
Freedom from Hoboken II
Fish market in Chinatown Manhattan
Chinese shit
The unthinkable interaction
A window to midtown
A window to Soho
Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, A.K.A. DUMBO
Let it snow
Let is snow, let it snow
Grand Central
Education meets enforcement
The Empire from The Highline
The Garden
Hudson River, from a rooftop near Lincoln Center
Vin et Fleurs, Soho
The classic
A red bull in Chinatown
Hoboken, New Jersey
Fish, dressed up for a fancy party
My country in this country
Oh, yeah!
Lucas on a billboard at Times Square

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